One island many faces

Mediterranean landscape

Samos is praised for its nature as being one of the greenest Mediterranean islands, which combines perfectly the mountainous green landscape with the deep blue Aegean Sea.


Beautiful beaches

Samos island offers many excellent beaches.

Our hotels are located steps away from the beautiful Tsamadou beach.

“There must be something in the air of Samos: storyteller Aesop, mathematician Pythagoras and astronomer Aristarchus were all born on the island. Soak up some of the famous Aegean sun that the latter might have gazed upon with a stay at this hotel…”
The Sunday Times, 20 best boutique hotels in Greece, 2014

Picturesque villages

The numerous old picturesque villages of Samos which are positioned high on the mountains offer breathtaking views while the coastal fishing villages and towns have some of the best fresh fish of the Aegean sea.


An ancient cultural center

Samos was the birthplace of the mathematician Pythagoras, the astronomer Aristarchus as well as the philosopher Epicurus. Samos has also been the legendary birthplace of Hera and the ruins of her ancient temple can be seen in the archaeological site of Heraion.