Location - Semeli Boutique Hotel | Small sea view hotel in Samos, Kokkari, Greece, Best boutique Hotels
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Location :: the beach & the island


Nested in the green, the hotel overlooks the sea, the gulf of Samos Capital and the west coast of Turkey. Enclosed on one side by forested mountain slopes and on the other by an emerald Aegean sea: it is a wonderful spot.

Tsamadou Beach

Praised for its crystal clear waters Tsamadou Beach is one of the most famous beaches on Samos island. Lie on the warm pebbles or on the sun loungers and enjoy the fresh Aegean breeze.

Mediterranean Landscape

Samos is praised for its nature as being one of the greenest Mediterranean islands, which combines perfectly the mountainous green landscape with the deep blue Aegean sea.

Beautiful Beaches

Samos island offers many excellent beaches. From pristine untouched bays on the north-western part to sandy and calm shores on the south. The choice is yours.

Suitable for treks of all kinds

The starkly beautiful Samian landscape suits all kinds of outdoor activities in spring and early autumn. Visit Byzantine chapels and monasteries, walk the nightingale valley or treck and rock climb on the magnificent mountains on the west which feature panoramic views of the Aegean and the nearby islands.

Picturesque Villages

The numerous old picturesque villages of Samos which are positioned high on the mountains offer breathtaking views while the coastal fishing villages and towns are the best spot to enjoy your Greek Meze along the sea.

Rich Ancient heritage

The wealth of nearby archaeological sites includes the Temple of Hera, The Eupalinean Aqueduct, and Cleopatras Baths. Along with the archaeological sites, the two archaeological museums on the island feature the rich ancient heritage of Samos.